vol.41 / October 2020
    innocean life - vol.41 / October 2020

Creator’s Note0like

IWC & HQ Behind every successful advertising campaign are countless ideation sessions and draft works. Let’s peek into the pages of “Creator’s Note.”

Ideas, Ideas and more ideas

Eddie Wong (Chief Creative Officer, INNOCEAN Worldwide China RHQ)
For every creative review, the biggest pressure for my creative team is about filling up at least 50 blank pieces of paper on the ideas wall. There’s no compromise.

The Storyboards

David Chu (Creative Director, INNOCEAN Worldwide China-Shanghai)
We keep trying. Never give up. Unfortunately, many storyboards remain as storyboards.

Orange Energy project

HQ’s new program that aims to revitalize INNOCEAN Employees’ energy. The three-step program was launched last February. The first item is gym ball! When using it as a chair, you can concentrate better and build up core muscle.

Are you sure we have sundays off?

Do you see the traces of intense ideation covering up the entire wall? The team in charge of this meeting room named it “Sundays Are Off.” Enough said. The message in the picture reads “Will we ever see the day of no suffering?” I sure hope so.