vol.41 / October 2020
    innocean life - vol.41 / October 2020

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We Are [  ]0like

INNOCEAN Worldwide IndiaEver since its foundation in 2005, INNOCEAN has experienced a dramatic growth over the last 10 years. INNOCEAN currently boasts a global network of 22 offices in 17 countries all across the globe. No wonder we do not often get a chance to meet and learn about each other. To solve this problem, “We Are [  ]” will introduce one office at a time per issue. Here is INNOCEAN Worldwide India(“IWI”), our very first overseas operation.

INNOCEAN Worldwide India(“IWI”)

INNOCEAN Worldwide India(“IWI”) came into existence in December 2005 with one mission: to create a world of brand promises built with effective and distinctive communication initiatives. We take pride in calling ourselves as ‘a creative agency with an integrated approach’. We have come a long way, be it in terms of our revenue, scope of services or creative leaps over the years.

Regarding our work, while every project is important for us and we have given out our best over the years, our more recent successes are a greater reflection of where we stand today. Our work has been acknowledged and well rewarded in the industry, especially over the last 3-4 years.

Increas Revenue over the Years

Year Revenue
(INR Mn.)
(USD Mn.)*
2006 261 4.4
2008 477 8.0
2010 542 9.0
2012 1263 21.1
2014 1468 24.5
*1 USD=60 INR

Expanded set of Clients across ca tegorles

2005 2014
Hyundai Mobis-Auto Ancillary
KEI wires & Cable
Usha-Home Appliandes
Open Magazine
Mawana-Food Products
Hero Eco-E Bikes.
Fena Pvt.Ltd-FMCG

Expanded scope of Service

Year Direct Services Service Managements
2005 General Advertising General Media
2006 + OOH Media Services
2009 + Digital Media Services
2010 + Events and Sports Marketing
2013 + Print Production and Dealershiop Furnishing

Delhi Ad Club Agency of the Year

The feather in our cap is the fact that IWI has been chosen as the Delhi Ad Club Agency of the Year in both 2014 and 2015. In terms of specific projects, a couple of Popular ones we would like to highlight are as follows -

ICC World Twenty20 project

The ICC World Twenty20 project worked out very well for us across the touch points of General Media, Digital and On-ground as were able to engage with millions of Indian cricket fans in an environment of high passion.

Crowd-sourcing Project

The other interesting thing we did was a crowd-sourcing project for a new TVC, a first of its kind initiative in the automobile category in India. We received a tremendous response from over 65,000 people having participated by way of sharing scripts and ideas, one of whom became a part of the TVC with Shahrukh Khan. And we are a gang of happy people at IWI. INNOCEAN was ranked as the 7th most Happy agency to be in.

The Agency Happiness Report

It says - “INNOCEAN has the most amazing performance on individual parameters. It is in the top five on every single parameter: It tops on two, is second on five of them; and comes third and fourth on two others.”

At IWI, we genuinely try to Discover Beyond…in every way possible.